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Hello, James here.

Wellness professionals are notorious for looking after everyone else, while neglecting their own business’ health and profitability. If you are like me, you may have even handed the responsibility of growing your business to a swanky marketer, which probably only helped in rendering marketing a dirty word.

While an artist at heart, I have grown to love marketing. Things changed after I moved beyond my challenging experiences of working with people that lacked integrity and embraced marketing more objectively and holistically.

Once I viewed marketing as type of connectivity that synapsed people with things of value . . . things that are of help to them, other connotations began to drop away and I saw marketing for the value it holds — connecting people with a true need.

Back Story.

Born and raised in Australia, I graduated in 1998 with a diploma of multimedia. In my early twenties I worked as a digital artist and musician until I founded the design studio, Ember Communication Design, back in 2005. Although I worked with about every client imaginable, the majority were wellness professionals . . . as during this time, I was also a very active yoga teacher.

In 2011, I landed in Edmonton, studied psychology at MacEwan University and got married! I later co-founded a marketing company that I eventually left because of a keen desire to creatively move in business from a place of nurture and connection while still being prolific with my work.

And now, I want to welcome you to MakeReal Consulting, a boutique website and marketing platform that nurtures wellness professionals like you in sharing their gifts with others, while being very profitable. So much can be achieved simply, by doing things well, with integrity, technology and by design.


MakeReal Consulting 2018 – 2019
Lab208 Agency 2017
Psychology @ McEwan University 2013 – 2017
Yoga / Meditation Teacher 2006 – 2011
Owner of Ember Communication Design firm 2005 – 2013
Portrait Artist / Painter / Designer / Musician 1999 – 2004
Digital Art / Multimedia Diploma 1995 – 1998

What clients are saying.

“Make Real Consulting has been a dream to work with. James the Director was very responsive to our ever changing needs and took initiative to develop a wide variety of concepts for our brand re-design. He understood the vision immediately and translated that into something special. His creative skills are perfectly paired with technical abilities. Beyond the brand re-design, James helped us design menus and other marketing materials that tied into the greater brand concept. Make Real Consulting has the perfect balance a client is looking for, between taking direction and giving a vision that may be beyond the imagination of the client.”

Sheniz Kassam: Owner of Noorish – Vibrant Cuisine

“I would like to share a little of James’ unique approach to Graphic Design. My idea of how I wanted to create a logo and a background design were quite specific. I wanted the background to made from flowers that I actually use in my Solar Infusion Flower Creams, and I wanted to make the Logo by Hand too.
For the background on all the artwork, posters, labels, cards etc we laid all the flowers out and photographed them. James took the image onto the computer and he layered the images on top of each other and added transparencies, and added some gold.

This background image that he made is the foundation for all the other colour-ways of Posters.

The actual Logo was created by taking flower images from various different fonts and moving intertwining them throughout the lettering to created a Wild intertwined floral effect.

As I sat with him at the computer, it was like this:- I would speak of how I visualized the design, and he would be quite for a few moments and then the information seemed to be transported through him, down his arm and – onto the computer – Magic!”

If you need anything in the way of Graphic work, – James is your wonderman :)”

Kim Reimnitz – Rich & Floral